Smile design is a subject that attracts people's attention from the past to the present and is always on the agenda. Because a smile has great importance in human life. With the birth, the baby's first smile is tried to be caught, and this smile is wanted to be absent for life. Everyone wants to look beautiful and have a charming aesthetic smile throughout their life. Many poets and painters made evaluations in terms of smile aesthetics; They created works on smiles, teeth, and lips and made beautiful analogies.

Thanks to the smile design, it is now effortless to achieve a perfect smile aesthetic with the opportunities offered by scientific and technological developments. You can reach the smile you want in a short time by designing your smile with our specialist physicians. And after the smile is design by our specialist physicians, you can continue your next life with a charming smile-like admirable work of art, whether with a Hollywood Smile or another smile aesthetic.

Holywood Smile Costs in Antalya Turkey

What is Aesthetic Smile Design in Turkey?

Smile design is a form of treatment that anyone who wants to smile confidently and feel better can apply to achieve a perfect smile aesthetic. Smile design is not only a process done with aesthetic concerns but also a process that protects your oral and dental health.

Smile aesthetics is a preferred treatment in cases with problems in terms of oral and dental health. In your teeth; If there are problems such as loss, crack or fracture, caries, distortion, diastema (intermittent alignment of teeth), staining, tonal differences, gingival recession, or if there is a disorder in the jaw structure related to the skeletal system, it is inevitable to experience some problems in terms of smile design. Smile design means that people with such issues design the aesthetic smile they want together with specialist physicians.

Even if there is no health problem, smile aesthetics can be performed. In line with the demand, the smile design most suitable for the mouth and teeth structure and facial features is designed by our physicians with a holistic approach, considering the person's temperament, career, and social position.

What is the Difference Between Smile Aesthetics and Smile Design in Antalya, Turkey?

Smile design refers to the determination and creation of the desired smile aesthetic with our expert team, in line with the demands of the person, whether or not there is any oral or dental health problem. Smile aesthetics is the final state of your smile that you have dreamed of and will make you feel more comfortable. However, in practice, the concepts of smile design and aesthetics are used interchangeably in Antalya, Turkey.

What is Hollywood Smile?

It is the most common type of smile. It is the name given to the smile designs preferred by Hollywood movie stars. The smile aesthetics of these cinema artists, who are constantly in the spotlight and high in popularity, arouse admiration in everyone. Hollywood Smile is the aesthetic smile design preferred by those who want to look like a star.

Is a Smile Design an Aesthetic Operation in Turkey, Antalya?

Smile aesthetics is not just an aesthetic operation that appeals to the eye. With this operation, your oral and dental health will also be protected; Many possible dental and gingival problems and, more importantly, tooth loss will be prevented.

Why Smile Aesthetics?

The inability to smile comfortably causes people to be unable to express themselves comfortably. Sometimes we may have concerns about how others see us. All these reasons begin to wear us out psychologically and may cause us to experience mental fatigue in the future. You can get rid of all these problems with a smile design. You can have a smile blast to smile freely and revitalize your life. The aesthetic smile you have will make you feel good.

What Can I Change in My Life with Aesthetic Smile Design in Antalya, Turkey?

Smiling affects social, business, and mental and physical health. The smile aesthetics you have with the smile design will help you overcome many problems you have experienced before and become a healthy individual who enjoys life. With a healthy and confident smile aesthetic,

  • You gain self-confidence and increase your quality of life
  • You make both yourself and the other person happy,
  • You keep many negative emotions away from yourself,
  • You have positive feelings and reflect this to those around you,
  • You will communicate more comfortably and effectively with people in your circle of friends or the business environment,
  • You will eat healthier by getting rid of chewing and dysfunctions,
  • With the smile aesthetic that suits you in Antalya, Turkey, you will spread joy around. Remember, smiling is a sign of health.

What is the Relationship Between Oral Health and Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) Turkey?

Those who have a Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) will have the smile aesthetics they want and healthy oral and dental health for life. The reason for this is the emergence of some mouth and dental problems they are unaware of during smile aesthetics. During Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover), determinations are made for these problems, and necessary treatments are applied. After the desired smile aesthetic is achieved with treatment and essential applications in Antalya, Turkey, our physicians are informed about the protection of oral health, and a schedule is prepared for the controls. Thus, those with a Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) can healthily continue their lives under the follow-up of our expert staff.

If we compare our country with developed countries in terms of the annual frequency of dentist visits per capita, this rate is around 1 in our country, while it is around 5 in developed countries. By having a smile practice, you will also gain the habit of regular medical check-ups.

What is the Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) Application Stages in Turkey?

  • Due Diligence, Planning, and Design
  • Treatment and Permanent Aesthetic Application in Antalya, Turkey

For an ideal Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover), determinations are made in line with the individual's demands, the treatment process is planned, and the application phase is started. In this Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) process, the following operations are performed as needed:

Teeth are cleaned.

Decayed teeth are treated.

Old and worn fillings are renewed.

Teeth whitening is applied (Bleaching).

Porcelain, zirconium, or laminated veneers are made.

Gum diseases are treated, and the gum line is regulated.

Gummy smile problems are resolved.

With orthodontic treatment, the crooked teeth are eliminated.

Broken and missing teeth are treated, and implants are applied.

Jaw surgery procedures are performed.

The gap between the teeth is removed, and the teeth are aligned.

Lip filling or medical aesthetic applications are made.

Due Diligence, Planning, and Design in Antalya, Turkey

In order to obtain the desired result from the Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover), the patient's demands must be received very well, and the applications to be made to meet them must be carried out in exact order. This stage is critical for an ideal smile aesthetic.

Face shape, proportions of facial organs, skin color, lip structure, and mouth and tooth structure are examined in detail, and existing problems are determined. These data are transferred to digital media by using advanced technological opportunities. The treatment methods to be applied are planned. If deemed necessary for the desired smile design, medical aesthetic operations related to cheeks, nose, and lips are evaluated. With special programs in the digital environment, the desired Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) is made together with the patient in three dimensions. It is shown to the patient by simulating what aesthetic smile he will have after the application. After the smile design is finalized, the treatment and application stages are started.

Treatment and Permanent Aesthetic Procedures in Antalya, Turkey

First, treating the problems detected while designing the smile aesthetics is done professionally in the correct order. Thus, the following procedure is applied more quickly, and the treatment process is managed healthily.

The processes related to white aesthetics and pink aesthetics, which are among the procedures mentioned in the application stages, are completed. It includes aesthetic smile interventions on white aesthetic teeth, and pink aesthetics covers aesthetic smile interventions on gums.

The required medical aesthetic operations give your aesthetic smile the desired character.

Digital Smile Design in Antalya Turkey

Should I Get a Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) in Antalya, Turkey?

Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) is highly preferred in terms of aesthetic smile design in Antalya, Turkey. A bright Hollywood smile like a star is in everyone's dreams. After the evaluations of our specialist physicians, you can have a Hollywood smile design suitable for you. If you want, you can have other types of smile aesthetics more suitable for your face type or that you will like more. By customizing your aesthetic smile design, you can have a smile aesthetic that will not look like Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover).

What are The Types of Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) in Turkey, Antalya?

Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) consists of completely personalized and original works to achieve an ideal smile aesthetic in Antalya, Turkey. The physical characteristics of each patient, such as the shape of the face, the ratio of the organs on the front, skin color, lip structure, teeth, and gums, are primarily effective. For this reason, the most suitable Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) type should be determined, considering the patient's demands.

The most common types of smile design;

Impressive Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover): In this smile design, the canine teeth are given a sharper and pointed shape, while the anterior incisors are round and square. The person with this design has a superior and impressive appearance towards his interlocutor.

Persuasive Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover): It aims to increase the teeth' brightness effectively and have a more rounded shape. This design allows the person to have a more believable appearance.

Intellectual Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover): Teeth are designed to look straighter and more even than they should be. In this way, the person appears more enlightened and knowledgeable. It is a design preferred mainly by the middle age group.

Sporty Smile: It is a design in which the central incisors appear longer than the lateral incisors. Sporty smile design, one of the most preferred varieties, gives the person a fresh look at any moment.

Attractive Holywood Smile Design(smile-makeover) in Antalya, Turkey: It is a type of design in which the front teeth are longer than the other teeth. This design is also highly preferred.

There are other varieties of smile aesthetics. However, the important thing here is to use these design types as a theme and to create original designs according to the needs and demands of the patient. It should be noted that smile design is not a mathematical process. It is an artistic smile aesthetic intervention made using scientific and technological opportunities. For this reason, the type of smile design should be determined meticulously in line with the experience of specialist physicians.


How Much Are the Prices of Aesthetic Smile Design(Holywood Smile-Makeover) Turkey?

Since Aesthetic Smile Design(Holywood Smile-Makeover) designs consist of completely personalized dental treatments following a susceptible process in Antalya, Turkey, Aesthetic Smile Design(Holywood Smile-Makeover) prices vary according to the patient's demands. Depending on the types of treatment to be applied, the selection of the material to be used, and the exchange rate, the prices of aesthetic smile designs may vary.

Our specialist dentists can only determine digital holywood smile design(smile-makeover) prices in line with the patient's demands and the determination of the necessary dental treatments. Remember, nothing is more valuable than your health. While researching the aesthetic smile design price, be sure to question the quality of the clinic you will receive service from.

Are Smile Aesthetics Prices Possible for Every Budget in Antalya?

After the preliminary examination performed by our specialist physicians in Antalya, Turkey and the determination of the patient's needs, it is possible to determine personalized hollywood smile prices according to the desired smile aesthetic type, materials to be used, and payment options. Those with an aesthetic smile design are recommended to choose the clinics where they will receive the most perfect and healthy service while researching the prices of smile aesthetics.

How Much Does a Hollywood Smile Cost in Antalya, Turkey?

It will not be possible to give a standard figure for the price of a Hollywood smile. In line with your demands, you can get a Hollywood Smile price according to the needs determined after the examinations to be made by our specialist physicians in Antalya, Turkey. The cost of a Hollywood smile may also vary according to the expert staff of the clinics and the quality of the materials they use.

Can Anyone Have Smile Design Made?

Anyone can have a smile aesthetic application with a smile design. However, certain body development stages must be completed for some applications. Sometimes, the intervention may be too late. According to the requested smile aesthetics, the product of the teeth and musculoskeletal system should be evaluated by our specialist physicians, depending on age.

Is the Hollywood Smile Suitable for Me?

Evaluation of what they want by those who will have an aesthetic smile design with specialist physicians; It would be more appropriate for them to have a smile aesthetic according to their face type, profession, and social status. It is significant for our patients who want a Hollywood smile to pay attention to this for the right smile design and an ideal aesthetic smile.

Is There a Risk of Smile Aesthetics Application? What are the Challenges of Smile Design?

There is a misconception that the application of smile aesthetics is a very difficult process. First of all, it should be noted that smile design aims to provide you with a much healthier mouth and teeth structure than before and an aesthetic smile. In this case, you will not encounter any risks or great difficulties if you perform the smile aesthetics together with our specialist physicians. Because these procedures will be carried out within the framework of ethical principles, taking into account your health. Be sure the smile aesthetic you have after the application makes you say that you have not faced any difficulties.

Does Aesthetic Smile Design Damage Natural Teeth?

In aesthetic smile design, planning, and application processes, the patient's health and teeth protection are always a priority. Since we aim to protect the health of your teeth as well as smile aesthetics, no application is made that can harm your natural teeth. After smile aesthetics, your teeth will be protected against decay, and your gums will look healthier.

Is Smile Design Permanent? What Should Be Considered After Smile Aesthetics?

It would be unrealistic to give a long-term guarantee for the smile design. Just as everyone who does not go to routine check-ups and does not regularly and properly care for their mouth, experiences various mouth and dental problems over time, some problems may occur if these are not taken care of after smile aesthetics.

The patient and the physician are jointly responsible for the permanence of smile aesthetics. The patient conveys their demands best, and our specialist physicians apply the most appropriate treatment methods by using suitable materials. After that, our physicians will explain in detail the points to be considered in oral care and how to do oral care in detail for the permanence of the smile design. A schedule is determined, and the patient is provided to come to normal controls. In this way, if any situation that may harm the smile aesthetics is noticed or if oral care applications are deficient, the necessary precautions are taken by the physician, and the patient is informed about the points to be considered.

Just as every healthy person goes to the dentist periodically, those with a smile design can maintain their smile aesthetics and health for many years by applying the same procedure.

What Happens If I Am Not Satisfied With The Aesthetic Smile Design?

You make your aesthetic smile design together by clearly sharing your needs and expectations with our specialist physicians. Then you can make the changes you want through the simulation. However, if the smile aesthetic obtained does not meet your demands, you can share the points you do not like with our specialist dentists and have a new smile aesthetic.