In people's appearance, the main focus is their face, and the main focus of the face is the teeth. From this point of view, teeth have an important place in the external appearance of a person. Teeth that are far from aesthetic appearance, discolored, broken, deformed, and misaligned can cause people not to feel the need to close their mouths while talking or laughing, to want to hide their smiles, and to be less self-confident individuals in social and business life.

Laminate veneers in Turkey

Thanks to the technological and scientific developments in the field of dentistry, there have been important developments in the field of dental aesthetics. One of the treatment methods applied in the field of dental aesthetics is the application of laminated tooth coating (leaf tooth coating). With this dental veneer method, which is preferred by many people, from young to old, both in order to obtain an aesthetically pleasing tooth structure and to have a healthy mouth function, a significant improvement is made to the external appearance of the individual. In this article, we will try to give detailed answers to the questions that many people have in mind about laminate tooth veneer.

What is a Laminated Dental Veneer in Turkey?

Laminated teeth are approximately 0.1-0.4 mm, specially produced, and applied to eliminate conditions such as sparseness, split teeth, and discoloration, which are the most preferred in smile aesthetic correction applications, causing the formation of aesthetic defects in the anterior teeth. A thin layer on solid teeth is very thin with a thickness between. They are ceramics that are applied by sticking in the form. These ceramics are also known as leaf teeth among people.

The most important feature of laminated teeth is that they are very thin, do not contain metal, and have a very high light transmittance. Thanks to such aesthetic features, they show an extremely natural structure similar to natural teeth.

A laminated tooth veneer is a treatment method in which the healthy tooth tissue is preserved at the maximum level since it is applied by making a millimetric thinning without any damage or almost no loss on the natural teeth, compared to other veneers. Thus, it is ensured that the highest level of aesthetic appearance is achieved with the least amount of loss.

A laminated tooth veneer is a treatment that can be applied to people who want to have both an aesthetic and natural tooth appearance, have gaps in their teeth, have a low level of tooth crookedness, have deformation due to lack of mineralization in their front teeth, and can get results in a very short time, which does not require long and detailed procedures. Method. In recent years, it has been a very popular application in aesthetic dentistry.

The laminated tooth veneer process takes place by taking the patient's tooth measurements, determining the color tone of the laminated teeth, thinning the natural teeth to be applied, and coating the laminated veneers on the teeth that have been measured.

What are the Advantages of Laminated Dental Veneers in Antalya, Turkey?

Laminated tooth veneer, frequently preferred in the field of aesthetic dentistry, has important advantages in many respects in Antalya, Turkey. These;

  • With the laminated coating process, yellowing and deterioration in the color of the teeth due to products such as tea, cigarettes, and coffee, which cannot be removed by tooth cleaning, are easily removed.
  • In the laminate veneer process, either no or very little abrasion is applied to the natural teeth. For this reason, it is an application that causes minimal damage to natural teeth compared to other veneers.
  • Laminated tooth veneer can be applied to a single tooth or to more than one tooth.
  • After the laminate veneer treatment, a tooth structure that is very similar to the white and natural tooth structure and difficult to distinguish from the natural tooth is achieved.
  • Since laminate veneers are not affected by factors that cause coloration on teeth, such as tea, coffee, and cigarettes, they do not change color. With this aspect, laminated veneers also have a natural tooth-protective feature.
  • Since laminate veneers have a smooth and slippery surface, unlike regular teeth, bacterial plaque cannot adhere to the veneer surface, thus preventing gingivitis.
  • Laminated dental veneers are materials with an extremely strong, robust, and durable structure despite their thinness. They show extremely high resistance to breakage, stretching, and tensile forces. In this way, they are used for a long time.
  • A strong dental adhesive is used when bonding laminate veneers to the surface of natural teeth. This way, there is no such thing as the coming off and falling out of the veneers that hold on to the natural tooth very firmly.
  • Laminated tooth veneer process can be completed in 1-2 sessions since no infrastructure is needed. Due to this feature, the patient gets the desired tooth structure in a very short time.
  • The patient does not feel excessive pain and aches during and after the laminated tooth veneer process.
  • Laminated tooth veneer process provides a very good aesthetic appearance compared to other veneers. Therefore, it is preferred quite often.
  • Laminated dental veneers do not cause allergic reactions in the mouth and gums.
  • Thanks to their thin structure, laminate veneers easily adapt to natural teeth. Patients can get used to laminated veneers in a short time.
  • At the beginning of the laminate veneer treatment, thanks to digital dentistry technologies, patients can see the latest state of their teeth.

How is Laminated Tooth Veneer Made in Turkey, Antalya?

The laminated tooth veneer process consists of a very comfortable and comfortable process for the patient in Antalya, Turkey, which is frequently preferred by people who have aesthetic concerns. This process takes place as follows:

  • Interviewing the patient at the first examination; It is learned what the patient expects from the treatment, what kind of tooth structure he wants, and what are the situations that he does not like in his teeth (tooth color, tooth length, etc.) and other complaints if any. The patient is informed about the possible conditions that may develop during and after the treatment. Intraoral examination and radiological imaging of the patient are performed. Before laminate coating, it is necessary to do it; If there are works such as root canal treatment, filling, teeth whitening, tartar cleaning, and gum treatment, they are completed.
  • The treatment process is planned in line with the patient's expectations according to the obtained photographs and radiological imaging. At this planning stage, the patient's thoughts are extremely important, especially since the application will be made for aesthetic reasons.
  • Oral and dental measurements of the patient are taken care of. In this context, planning and modeling preferred by the patient are done before the laminate teeth are prepared. For this purpose, the final state of the teeth after treatment is determined with a mock-up in the mouth or on digital media. In the mouth mock-up application, The measurements taken are sent to the laboratory. In the laboratory, with the help of the measurements taken, trial models of plastic, which are the same as the laminated tooth to be made and can be temporarily adhered to the mouth, are produced by the technician. These plastics are placed on the patient's teeth and the final state of the treatment is shown. Thus, the pre-rehearsal of the laminated tooth is done. Or, the measurements taken are transferred to computer programs used in digital dentistry and preliminary rehearsals are made in 3D in a digital environment. In these rehearsals, the color of the laminated teeth and whether they are compatible with natural teeth are checked.
  • After the measurements are taken, and the necessary preliminary rehearsal and modeling processes are completed, the preparation of the tooth surfaces to be applied begins. Before the treatment process, if an abrasion is required on the tooth surfaces, local anesthesia is applied, so the patient does not feel pain and ache. Then, in order to make a thinning between 0.3 - 0.7 mm on the natural tooth surface to be treated, abrasion is performed. The etching process is carried out for better adhesion of laminated dental veneers on natural teeth.
  • After the necessary abrasion process is done, the measurements of the teeth in the lower and upper jaws are taken with the help of measuring spoons or 3D intraoral scanners and sent to the laboratory for the production of laminated dental veneers.
  • Laminated dental veneers are produced in the laboratory using CAD CAM technology, with the help of tooth measurements received in the laboratory. The dental technician, by applying minor corrections and polishing to this laminated tooth veneer, completes the production of dental veneers that will be in the color and shape desired by the patient. This process takes an average of 6-7 days. During this period, temporary veneers are placed on the patient, as there will be hot, and cold sensitivity and an unpleasant appearance in the abraded teeth.
  • Laminated dental veneers coming from the laboratory are tried and rehearsed in the mouth before they are adhered. Color, harmony, and form checks are made. If everything is suitable, it is now passed to the gluing phase.
  • As a final step, the adhesive that provides adhesion between the laminated and natural teeth is applied, and the laminated tooth veneers are permanently fixed to the natural teeth. Thus, the treatment is completed. This process takes an average of 15-20 minutes. In progress. After the treatment, laminate veneers can be used immediately.

Laminated tooth veneer treatment is a type of treatment that provides long-term use and causes minor damage to natural teeth. It is a preferred method because it gives an aesthetic appearance quickly and results similar to natural teeth.

In Which Situations Is Laminated Tooth Veneer Applied in Antalya, Turkey?

Laminate veneer application can be applied to anyone over 18 who does not like the appearance of their teeth and has aesthetic concerns in Antalya, Turkey. In this context;

  • In order to close intermittent and discrete spaces in the anterior teeth that impair the aesthetic appearance.
  • Correction of teeth that are physically distorted due to slight crookedness and curvature.
  • In order to correct the aesthetic image disorder that the person has experienced due to his front teeth
  • In cases where there is the advanced permanent coloration of the teeth for various reasons, the desired results cannot be obtained with tooth whitening applications.
  • In cases where the enamel layer of the natural tooth is not sufficient
  • Correction of shape and structure problems caused by abrasions in natural teeth
  • In the repair of broken and decayed teeth in the front teeth
  • For extending and shaping tooth lengths in anterior teeth

In Which Situations Laminated Tooth Veneer Cannot Be Applied?

Laminated tooth veneer is not applied to people in the following condition. These:

  • When there are a lot of caries
  • Those who have teeth clenching and grinding in their sleep
  • Those who do not perform oral and dental care regularly and have poor oral hygiene
  • In cases where there is a lot of collision in the front teeth
  • Those who do not have a healthy tooth enamel structure in natural teeth
  • Those with advanced gingival recession
  • In those with the impaired jaw structure
  • Those who have habits such as pen biting and nail-biting.

How is Oral and Dental Care Done After Laminated Tooth Veneer in Turkey?

Regular oral and dental care applications for natural teeth will be sufficient. At this point, the following conditions should be considered after the laminate veneer process:

  • Teeth should be brushed twice a day.
  • Dental floss should be used to clean between laminated plaque.
  • Mouthwash should be used for oral hygiene.
  • Those who have teeth clenching and grinding problems during sleep should use dental plaque.
  • Avoid crusty and hard foods that may damage the laminated tooth veneer.
  • After applying laminated teeth, habits such as nail biting and pencil biting should be abandoned.
  • Routine control examinations should not be interrupted twice a year. The condition of laminated coatings should be checked.


What are Laminate Veneer Teeth Prices in Turkey, Antalya?

It is impossible to say anything average about the prices of Laminate Veneer in Antalya, Turkey, as it is a personalized treatment. Laminated tooth prices can vary with the effect of many factors. Laminated tooth prices are more affordable than other types of veneers. The most significant disadvantage in the price point is that it is only done in private hospitals and clinics and is not covered by SSI. In this context, very different laminated tooth prices can be seen among clinics. The main reasons for this are;

  • It is the type and quality of impression materials, ceramic products, adhesives, technology, and treatment tools used in laminated tooth veneer.
  • Another main factor affecting the prices of laminate teeth veneer is the experience and experience of the dentist who will perform the application and the dental technician who will produce the laminated teeth. The good technological and device infrastructure of the laboratory where laminated teeth are produced also affects the price of laminated teeth.
  • The number of teeth to be covered with laminated tooth veneer is also a determining factor in the price of laminated teeth. In direct proportion to the increasing number of teeth, the cost of laminated teeth also increases.
  • The presence of additional applications such as filling, root canal treatment, and gingival treatment, which must be done before the laminate veneer process, will cause an increase in the price of laminated teeth.

Although these factors are decisive in the prices of laminated teeth, the exact and net price will be revealed in the meeting with the dentist. Therefore, please contact our clinic for detailed information about the cost of laminated teeth.

How Long is the Life of Laminated Tooth Veneer Antalya, Turkey?

One of the most curious questions about laminate tooth veneers in Antalya, Turkey is the life of the veneers. Laminated dental veneers are extremely resistant to light impacts, as they are produced using special technology and special materials. Laminated coatings do not fall or break. The lifespan of laminated dental veneers may vary from person to person. The most important factor affecting the service life of laminate dental veneers is that the patient regularly performs daily oral and dental care. When these conditions are followed, laminated teeth can be used for 15 to 20 years without problems. In the case of the development of gum diseases, the service life of laminated tooth veneers is shortened.

How Long Does Laminated Teeth Treatment Take?

Depending on the treatment plan to be applied to the patient, the duration of the laminate veneer process may vary. If there is no need for an additional treatment, the treatment is completed in approximately 2-3 sessions. Depending on how long the laminated teeth are produced in the laboratory, the treatment can be completed within 10-12 days.

Is Laminated Teeth Broken?

When chewing with the posterior teeth, a pressure of about 50 newtons is created on the teeth. A laminated tooth made by the standards can withstand a head of 100 newtons. For this reason, laminated teeth have a feature that is quite durable and does not break easily.

Is There a Disadvantage of Laminated Dental Veneers?

The most important disadvantage of laminated dental veneers is that the materials used are expensive because they are imported from abroad. In addition, it is a very sensitive application, and the experience of the laboratory technician in this field affects the quality of the laminated tooth veneer. The fact that design and planning studies require very fine and detailed studies is another negative situation. If the necessary care is not taken, the desired result cannot be obtained from the laminated veneer process, and a permanent application cannot be achieved.

Does Laminated Teeth Cause Bad Breath?

Claims that laminate tooth veneer causes bad breath are not valid. It even contributes to the prevention of bad breath. Bad breath is a problem caused by bacterial plaques that settle on teeth and gums when adequate oral and dental care is not provided. The surface of laminated teeth is extremely smooth and slippery. Thanks to this structure, it does not allow bacterial plaque to stick to it. Thus, it creates an anti-odor effect.

Again, bacterial plaques accumulating in the cavities on the worn enamel layer cause excessive bad breath. Covering the teeth in this situation with laminated teeth can significantly reduce bad breath.

Is Laminated Teeth Turning Yellow?

Another question that people consider getting laminated tooth veneers to wonder is whether laminate veneers will turn yellow. Laminated dental veneers are produced using high-quality ceramics, and they have a very shiny and slippery surface. Laminated teeth do not have cavities on the surface of natural teeth that cause natural teeth to turn yellow due to factors such as tea, coffee, and cigarettes. In this respect, there is no yellowing of laminated veneers.