Invisalign (Transparent Plaque) Treatment in Antalya, Turkey

Orthodontic treatment is a set of applications in which moving or fixed parts are used to eliminate irregularities in the person's teeth, jaw, and face in Antalya, Turkey. In this context, braces are one of the most well-known orthodontic treatment methods to correct crooked teeth. However, one of the biggest disadvantages experienced in this treatment is an unaesthetic appearance created by the braces on the teeth.

For this reason, most people avoid treatment. To solve this problem, Invisalign company has developed clear aligners and aligners that can perform the same function as braces and move teeth without using braces. Invisalign treatment is also called clear aligner or wireless orthodontics. Over time, the developments and advances in this technology and the experience gained in this field have helped Invisalign treatment to become very common and much more applicable.

Invisalign (Transparent Plaque) Treatment Costs in Antalya Turkey

What is Invisalign (Transparent Plaque)?

Invisalign treatment is a new-generation digital orthodontic treatment method that serves the same purpose as traditional orthodontic braces. With this treatment method, also known as wire-free orthodontics or clear aligner treatment, the patient's deformed teeth are restored to the desired ideal aesthetic appearance as in traditional braces treatment. For this purpose, transparent plaques compatible with the teeth, specially made in the laboratory according to the patient's mouth and tooth structure, are used. With the help of these plates, crooked and irregular teeth are aligned without the need for braces.

Invisalign treatment has become very popular in recent years compared to traditional braces. The most important reason for this is that the aesthetic appearance of the natural tooth is not deteriorated thanks to the transparent plaques, and a better tooth appearance is obtained compared to the braces treatment. Ease of use and good and effective results in a short time are other factors. Thus, the aesthetic appearance of the patient's teeth is preserved and the treatment is carried out.

How is Invisalign (Transparent Plaque) Treatment Done in Turkey, Antalya?

Before starting the Invisalign treatment in Antalya, Turkey, it is decided whether the patient's existing orthodontic problem or problems can be solved with clear aligner treatment (Invisalign) in light of the information obtained during the first examination by the orthodontist. Then the following procedure is followed respectively;

  • First of all, mouth and tooth measurements are made. For this purpose, a 3D digital photograph of the inside of the patient's mouth is taken with digital dentistry methods. For this purpose, two different techniques are applied. In the first technique, images of the patient's teeth in the mouth are taken with the Itero intraoral camera. In the second technique, the patient's measurements are taken with elastic impression materials, and these measurements are scanned in scanners to determine the alignment of the patient's teeth.
  • Obtained measurements are transferred to computer-aided digital orthodontic software used in the production and design of transparent aligners. With digital orthodontic software, according to the measurements taken, the teeth are moved slowly in the computer environment, and the movement directions and routes of the teeth are created. Thus, at the end of the treatment, the ideal position of the teeth is determined. In this way, the final state of the teeth at the end of the treatment can be seen by the patient. In light of this information obtained, it is determined how many transparent plates will be needed for each step of the desired tooth movements and how long the treatment will be. In this context, treatment planning is done.
  • The data obtained in the digital environment are sent to private laboratories for the production of transparent plaques using three-dimensional printers. In the laboratory, personalized, transparent dental plaques are produced in desired numbers and features. While 8-10 clear plates may be sufficient for patients with a low level of tooth crookedness and misalignment, 50-60 clear plates may be needed for patients with severe distortion and misalignment.
  • Transparent plaques produced specifically for the patient are started to be applied to the patient in the order determined. In order for the transparent aligners to make the desired tooth movements, small attachments called attachments are made on the teeth. These parts play an important role in moving the teeth by the clear plate. Each clear plate stays in the mouth for an average of 15 days, and at the end of its duration, the next transparent plate is passed, and the treatment continues in this way. While transparent plaque changes are being made, the development of the teeth and how the treatment is going are monitored.

Necessary training and information about the use of transparent aligners are given to the patient.

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What are The Advantages of Invisalign (Transparent Plaque) Treatment in Turkey?

Invisalign (Transparent Plaque) treatment has many advantages over traditional braces treatment in Antalya, Turkey. These:

  • In Invisalign treatment, the patient is more accessible and comfortable, and no negativities will affect his daily life.
  • In Invisalign treatment, extremely soft and elastic plaques are used instead of metal braces. Therefore, there is no intraoral injury, stinging, or irritation caused by the brackets used in traditional braces. Since the transparent plaques used are soft and flexible, they are not in a situation that will adversely affect the teeth and gums.
  • It is an easy application compared to the traditional braces treatment method.
  • Transparent corrective plates create an aesthetic appearance thanks to their completely transparent structure. From the outside, it isn't easy to spot. It is an ideal method for those who avoid orthodontic treatment due to the bad appearance caused by braces treatment. With this method, both the defects in your teeth are corrected, and your aesthetic smile is not deteriorated.
  • One of the most important advantages of Invisalign treatment is that it provides extremely easy use due to the advanced flexible structure of clear aligners. When the patient requests transparent plaques, brushing teeth, eating, etc., cases, it can be easily removed and installed.
  • In Invisalign treatment, it is easier to carry out personal daily oral and dental care compared to traditional braces treatment. As in braces applications, you will not experience problems such as cleaning food residue between the brackets. Transparent plaques can be easily removed before oral care, and oral care can be performed.
  • In Invisalign treatment, the replacement of clear aligners with a new one every 15 days on average also contributes to oral hygiene very positively.
  • Invisalign treatment method is practical and accessible. The desired success is achieved in a much shorter time and with fewer sessions.
  • With Invisalign treatment, you can easily chew food and eat freely without fear or worry that your braces will sink during meals.
  • With Invisalign treatment, the replacement of clear aligners in routine dental check-ups is done in a much shorter time than braces.

In Invisalign treatment, there are no situations that require emergency intervention, such as the rupture of the braces and their sinking into the mouth.

In Which Situations and Who Is Invisalign (Transparent Plaque) Treatment Applied Turkey, Antalya?

The first and most important condition for applying Invisalign treatment in Antalya, Turkey is to have a healthy mouth structure. The patient who will be treated with Invisalign should not have decayed teeth. At the same time, the gums should be healthy, and there should not be any gum disease. The condition of the gums should be in a structure to support this treatment.

Invisalign treatment can be applied to correct the crookedness and irregular alignment of the teeth of individuals of all age groups, starting from the age of 6. It can also be used for the treatment of jaw structure disorder in children up to the age of 12. However, at older ages, in addition to clear plaque treatment, additional treatments are applied together, and jaw disorder treatment is performed.

Invisalign treatment provides more effective and efficient results in patients with mild to moderately crooked teeth. For patients with more severely crooked teeth, it is more appropriate to apply classical braces treatment.

However, your doctor will decide whether you are a suitable patient for Invisalign treatment as a result of the examination.


How Much is Invisalign in Turkey?

Invisalign treatments tend to be more expensive than their traditional counterparts; the cost depends on a number of factors including tooth movement during treatment and any associated additional procedures that may be required as part of the treatment plan. Some key contributors that will influence the costs associated with Invisalign include the length of treatment (up to 24 months in most cases) as well as factors that will influence this cost such as orthodontic brace adjustment needs and dental plan requirements (key factors that will influence costs such as these could include orthodontic alignment issues that arise over time). How much alignment your teeth require, what type of aligners and adjustments are required are all important considerations.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take in Antalya, Turkey?

The duration of Invisalign treatment and the number of clear aligners to be used will vary depending on the severity of the invisalign treatment in the patient's teeth. For example, to give an average figure, 6-10 clear aligners may be sufficient for a patient with mild dental cavities, while this figure can reach 10-20 clear aligners in case of moderate dental cavities and 20 or more clear aligners in advanced dental cavities. From this point of view, if 24 clear plaques were produced for the correction of the patient's tooth collision and it is taken into account that the clear plaques will be changed every 15 days, the invisalign treatment period will last 12 months. Monthly control is done regularly, and two new transparent plaques are given to the patient at each control. Control examinations take a very short time compared to conventional treatment methods.

Is there a need for preparation before Invisalign Treatment in Turkey?

In order to apply Invisalign treatment and to get the desired results, the treatment of your teeth and gums, which may cause problems during the treatment period, must be completed. For this purpose, a healthy mouth and teeth structure is created by applying processes such as treating decayed teeth, cleaning dental calculus, eliminating gingival problems, and pulling wisdom teeth when necessary. Because for Invisalign treatment, procedures such as tooth extraction, bridge, and implant are not performed in the mouth after the measurement is taken. These can only be done after the treatment has been completed.

Will my teeth go back to their original shape after Invisalign Treatment Turkey, Antalya?

After the Invisalign treatment is completed in Antalya, Turkey, wire-shaped fixers called 'retainers' are attached to the surfaces of the inner part of the teeth, which are invisible when viewed from the outside, as is done at the end of all orthodontic treatments, so that your straightened teeth do not move and do not return to their original state. These wires stay in the mouth for a minimum of 2 years.

Do Transparent Plaques Damage Mouth and Teeth?

Transparent aligners used in Invisalign treatment are produced from thermoplastic material, which has very high biological compatibility with the mouth and teeth structure. Therefore, it does not cause any problems or problems in teeth and gums, and it does not contain harmful substances such as bisphenol-A and phthalates. For this reason, women who are pregnant and breastfeeding can easily have this treatment.

Will Transparent Plates Affect My Speech Negatively?

You will not have any problems with your speech as the transparent plates adapt to the mouth in a few days. If you are speaking for a long time, you can remove your transparent plate during the speech if you wish.

Do I Need to Remove Transparent Plaques for Eating and Drinking Activities?

Due to their thermoplastic structure, transparent plates can deform if they are exposed to extreme heat and cold. Therefore, you should remove the transparent plaques when consuming extremely hot and cold foods (tea, coffee, ice cream, etc.). In other cases, you can easily eat and drink without removing your transparent plaques.

What is the Ideal Age for Invisalign Treatment in Children?

Invisalign treatment is ideally applied in children around the age of 13-15. Because at this age, all of the milk teeth of children have fallen out, and some of the molars will have come out.

How Many Hours Should Transparent Plates Be Used Per Day?

Transparent plaques should not be removed from the mouth, except in emergency and mandatory situations (such as hot eating and drinking), for the treatment to be fast and healthy. It should stay on the teeth for a minimum of 20 hours a day to give an average time.

How Often and How Is the Cleaning of Transparent Plaques Done?

Transparent plaques are cleaned twice daily, morning and evening, under warm water with a toothbrush and liquid soap. During the cleaning of transparent plaques, extremely cold and hot water should be avoided so that they do not deform due to their thermoplastic structure. You can also use the cleaning agents (crystal, tablet) included in the kits given by your dentist at the beginning of the treatment. When transparent aligners are not used, they should be stored in the special boxes provided to you at the beginning of the treatment, and this is important for hygiene.

Is Invisalign Treatment Painful?

In Invisalign treatment, you may feel pain in the first days, as the clear aligners will pressure the teeth. However, within 2-3 days, the teeth get used to the pressure applied by the transparent plates, and the pain disappears.

Does Transparent Plates Have Color Changes Due To Tea, Coffee, and Cigarette Use?

transparent plaques, albeit at a small level, when consumed excessively. However, since your clear aligners will be replaced with a cleaner and newer one every 15 days, clear aligners that change color do not cause a problem in Invisalign treatment.

Can I See the Final State of My Teeth at the Beginning of the Invisalign Treatment?

With the help of digital dentistry applications in Invisalign treatment, you can see the state of your teeth at every stage and the end of the treatment in a three-dimensional form in the virtual environment.

How Much Are Transparent Plaque Prices in Antalya?

Invisalign treatment method is a personalized dental treatment. As part of this treatment, a series of clear plates are used. In this context, the number of transparent plaques used may vary depending on the severity of the collision in the patient's teeth. This means that the prices of clear aligners vary from patient to patient. However, during the first examination, the price can be determined by determining the number of transparent plaques by transferring the digital images obtained to the computer environment.

Although Invisalign treatment is more expensive when compared to conventional wire treatment, it is a preferable application, considering the convenience, ease of use, and comfort it provides.

Does Invisalign Treatment End In A Shorter Time Than Classic Braces Treatment?

In the classical braces treatment, the teeth are not straightened simultaneously but gradually. First, braces are attached to the upper jaw teeth. According to the development of the treatment, braces are attached to the lower jaw teeth within 4-8 months. At the end of the treatment, all the wires are removed from the teeth together. However, in Invisalign treatment, clear plates are attached to both the lower and upper jaw teeth, and the teeth are started to be corrected simultaneously. Therefore, Invisalign treatment provides a shorter and more effective treatment.