Emax Crown | Emax Veneer Treatment in Antalya, Turkey

Due to different reasons, people's dental health can deteriorate over time. This situation causes problems in the functional structure of the tooth and negatively affects the aesthetic appearance of the person. Teeth that do not have an aesthetic appearance cause many problems that reduce motivation in life, such as feeling more insecure, hiding the smile that expresses the outward reflection of the spirit world, and less socialization due to lousy appearance. The aesthetic concerns created by this situation cause the person to feel physically and mentally bad, and it seriously affects the psychological and social life of the person negatively.

In recent years, in addition to dental treatments in dentistry, dental aesthetic applications have also become highly developed and popular. There are many different treatment and application methods for dental aesthetics, and these procedures eliminate both health problems and aesthetic concerns of the patient. One of the most demanded applications, which is one of the dental aesthetic treatments, is the Empress-Emax tooth veneer process.

Empress Teeth Veneer Treatment in Antalya Turkey

What is Empress Veneer-Emax Crown in Turkey?

Empress Veneer-Emax Crown is one of the porcelain tooth veneer methods in Antalya, Turkey. In this crown, which is also known as full porcelain, or full ceramic among the people, metal infrastructure material used in other porcelain coatings and spoiling the aesthetic appearance is not used. Instead, porcelain is used as an infrastructure material, creating a more aesthetic appearance and having a much better light transmittance, strengthened by glass support. To make the porcelain more durable and strong, glass ceramic is deposited on the porcelain that has been compressed under high pressure. The coating consists entirely of porcelain ceramic material. Thus, empress-Emax dental veneer with a more durable and aesthetic appearance is obtained. It shows a different structure and content feature from zirconium and other porcelain veneers.

Correction of the smile aesthetics, which deteriorated due to wear on the teeth, loss of aesthetic vitality of the tooth, change and darkening of the tooth color, elongation of the gingiva, and shortening of the tooth length, is achieved with an empress-Emax dental veneer. Empress-Emax dental veneer is widely used in solving aesthetic problems because it is indistinguishable from natural teeth and provides a natural appearance. Therefore, it has an important place in aesthetic dentistry practices.

Empress-Emax dental veneer is unsuitable for cases where bridges are required due to tooth deficiency. It is a suitable method for aesthetic veneers to be made on a single tooth.

Empress-Emax veneer is widely applied on anterior teeth to eliminate aesthetic problems, but it can also be applied on posterior teeth due to its robust and durable structure.

Empress-Emax Veneer is Applied to Patients in Which Conditions?

Empress-Emax dental veneer application is generally preferred primarily in treating anterior teeth in Antalya, Turkey, but it can be performed in all situations where an aesthetic appearance and healthy teeth are required. We can list these situations as follows:

  • In regaining the ideal form of the teeth of patients with deformity
  • In closing the gaps between the teeth of patients with spaced anterior teeth (tooth with diastema).
  • In patients with teeth that wear and deform due to various factors over time, giving the teeth a healthier, natural, and aesthetic appearance.
  • For patients who have discolored teeth over time due to various reasons (use of some antibiotics and fluoride, aging) to give their teeth a more natural and aesthetic appearance.
  • Over time, in patients with shorter tooth appearance as a result of the elongation of the gums, in the lengthening of the teeth
  • In the teeth of patients who have discoloration after root canal treatment and the desired result cannot be obtained with the teeth whitening process, they are whitened and have a more natural appearance.
  • For patients who want a more aesthetic and natural smile, smile design applications
  • In cases where the teeth of patients with multiple restorations need to be improved aesthetically
  • In shaping the teeth of patients with misposition and incorrect alignment (malpositioned teeth) with a suitable appearance.

A more natural and aesthetic appearance is obtained by applying full ceramic empress-Emax tooth veneer.

Is Empress Veneer-Emax Crown Applied to All Teeth in Turkey, Antalya ?

One of the issues that patients are most curious about is whether Empress Veneer-Emax Crown can be applied to every tooth. Empress-Emax dental veneer can be used successfully on anterior incisors, which are more critical and priority in terms of dental aesthetics, and premolar teeth exposed to less chewing force. Since Empress-Emax dental veneers have a more durable and strong structure with their light-permeable systems and unique processes, they can also be applied for posterior molars where a more vital chewing force is applied. However, this is not highly recommended. In addition, empress-Emax coatings are not suitable for long bridge applications.

In cases where it is difficult to reshape previously cut teeth, it is not preferred as it may cause breakage. Empress-Emax veneers are not applied on teeth that have had root canal treatment and have metal pivots on them. It is not preferred because color problems will occur when empress-Emax veneers are applied in implanted teeth where the metal abutment is used.

The most accurate and reliable way to see if your teeth are suitable for empress-Emax dental veneer application is the examination by your dentist. With this examination, it is easily determined whether an empress-Emax dental veneer is the right choice for you.

How is Empress-Emax Dental Veneer Made in Turkey?

Empress-Emax dental veneer treatment consists of the following stages, respectively.

  • First of all, the dentist takes facial and intraoral photographs of the patient before the treatment in Antalya, Turkey. Necessary measurements are taken from the teeth, and these data are transferred to digital dentistry applications in the computer environment. In the digital domain, the dentist carries out essential planning and design processes by exchanging ideas with the patient to provide the most natural and aesthetic smile for the patient. With this process (mock-up work), the final state of the teeth after the treatment is seen. After the patient likes the final state, dental procedures are started.
  • Processes are started to prepare the tooth/teeth to be veneered with Empress-Emax veneer. The area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthesia. On the tooth surface to be coated, shaping and etching are performed for the coating to fit and settle better. To make the veneer, the size of the teeth given the appropriate shape and shape is taken. These measurements are sent to the laboratory for coatings to be made. By these dimensions, empress-Emax veneer teeth are produced in the laboratory.
  • The teeth, produced in accordance with the patient's mouth measurements in the laboratory, are rehearsed in the patient's mouth. Veneer teeth are evaluated by taking the patient's opinion in terms of size, color, shape, and surface properties. In situations requiring correction, they are sent back to the laboratory, and necessary corrections are made.
  • After the necessary corrections are made and the patient's approval is obtained, the veneers are permanently adhered to the tooth with special adhesives, and the process is terminated.

What are the Advantages of Empress Veneer-Emax Crown in Antalya, Turkey?

Empress-Emax veneer has many advantages besides providing oral health, a natural tooth appearance, and an aesthetic smile in Antalya, Turkey. These:

  • A more aesthetic appearance is obtained due to their high light transmittance. Also, providing color controls is relatively easy. This way, an aesthetic and natural tooth appearance is received, and an aesthetic smile is offered to the person.
  • Compared to other veneer types, it has better adhesion to the tooth.
  • Since it is produced from specially reinforced material, it is highly resistant to abrasion.
  • Empress-Emax veneers are also extremely healthy in terms of oral health. These veneers, which are highly compatible with the tissues in the mouth, do not hurt gum health. Bacterial plaque accumulation on the coating surface is quite low compared to other coating types.
  • Compared to other coating types, liquid absorption is lower.
  • It is a method that allows the patient to return to his daily life immediately and gives fast results.
  • Compared to other coating types, it has a brighter surface.
  • The desired shape can be given to the teeth.
  • A more lively and youthful smile is obtained with the veneer process.

What are the Disadvantages of Empress Veneers-Emax Crowns Turkey, Antalya?

Empress Veneers-Emax Crowns have very few disadvantages in Antalya, Turkey. These;

  • Requires good planning, design and laboratory production work.
  • Due to its hard and brittle structure, it is not possible to apply it in the form of long bridge veneers in the veneer of posterior teeth that are exposed to a strong chewing force.
  • Since it is a very sensitive and experience-requiring application, it should be performed by an experienced dentist.

Their cost is slightly higher than other types of coatings.


How Long Does Empress Veneer-Emax Crown Last Antalya, Turkey?

Empress Veneer-Emax Crown process may vary depending on the oral health condition of the person and the treatment to be applied. In this context, considering the duration of the coating process, preliminary preparation, measuring, rehearsal, and bonding, it can be 2-3 sessions. The duration of the procedure in the first session is 30-45 minutes. and this period is shorter in later sessions.

Do Empress Veneer-Emax Crown cause allergy in Turkey, Antalya?

Empress veneer-Emax dental crown application does not cause any allergic effects, as glass-supported porcelain material is used instead of metal-supported infrastructure. Due to its glass-supported porcelain structure, it is highly compatible with the gingiva and other connective tissues and does not have a negative effect on them.

Will I Be Toothless Until Empress-Emax Veneers Are Fitted?

No. At any stage of the treatment in Antalya, Turkey, you are not left without teeth. After the cutting process on your teeth is completed and the necessary measurements are taken, temporary dental veneers are attached until your permanent tooth veneers are produced in the laboratory. Thus, the problems of aesthetic and functional structure of the mouth, which may arise due to lack of teeth, are eliminated.

Is Empress-Emax Veneer Applied to the Tooth That Has Been Treated Before in Antalya, Turkey?

Most people prefer root canal treatment and filling to treat the problems they experience in their teeth. The fact that you have had root canal treatment and filling in your teeth before does not prevent you from getting empress-Emax dental veneer.

What is the Lifespan of Empress-Emax Veneers?

One of the most curious questions is how long the life of empress-Emax coatings is. If you regularly perform your daily personal oral and dental care, you can use these veneers for 10-15 years without any problems.

Will Empress-Emax Veneer Break? Will it fall?

Since Empress-Emax veneers are fixed with special adhesives, there is no such thing as coming off, falling off, or shaking in any way. Due to the specially reinforced and durable structures of Empress-Emax veneers, breakage is impossible. However, it should be noted that any impact that can cause natural teeth to break can cause empress-Emax veneers to break. For this reason, protecting your empress-Emax veneers like your natural teeth is recommended.

Do Empress-Emax Veneer Cause Bad Breath?

One of the main causes of bad breath is gum disease. Empress-Emax veneers do not have a negative effect on gingival health due to their extremely high biocompatibility with intraoral tissues. Bacterial plaques, which are also causes of tooth decay, gum diseases, and bad breath, can hold on to empress-Emax veneers more than regular teeth. For these reasons, empress-Emax coatings do not cause bad breath problems.

How to Care for Empress-Emax Veneers After Treatment?

The maintenance of Empress-Emax veneers is effortless and simple. For your regular teeth, personal oral care hygiene procedures that you do daily are sufficient. In this context;

  • Brushing the teeth twice a day
  • Using dental floss for cleaning between teeth
  • Mouthwash
  • Not breaking hard-shelled foods with teeth

processes are sufficient for the maintenance and protection of empress-Emax Veneers.

Will my gums recede after Empress-Emax Veneer Treatment?

Empress-Emax veneers have extremely high biocompatibility with the gingiva due to their structure. Allergic reactions seen in other metal-based coatings are not seen in empress-Emax Veneers. In Empress-Emax veneers, it is also possible to prevent gingival diseases and gingival recessions due to the difficulty of bacterial plaque accumulation that causes gingival diseases. For these reasons, empress-Emax veneers do not cause gingival recession.

Does Empress-Emax Veneers Have Coloring?

Since Empress-Emax coatings have a smooth and impervious surface thanks to their glass ceramic structure, there is no easy color change over time. This is an important advantage of empress-Emax veneers compared to other coating types. Over time, tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc. The dentist can easily remove color changes that may occur due to factors such as teeth cleaning. However, this will not be needed if daily personal oral and dental care is provided.

Is there any sensitivity to heat and cold in Empress-Emax Veneers?

As the natural tooth surface is etched, there is some sensitivity to hot and cold. However, this situation disappears over time and heals completely. Since the expansion rate of Empress-Emax veneers is close to the natural tooth, the sensitivity rate is at the lowest level.

Does Empress-Emax Veneer Decay Tooth?

In general, such a problem is not encountered when the necessary oral and dental care is done regularly and daily. In addition, empress-Emax veneers are highly compatible with the tooth, and the possibility of decay is extremely low, thanks to their features, such as the absence of suitable areas for bacterial accumulation.

How Much Are Empress-Emax Veneers Prices?

It is impossible to give an average standard price for Empress-Emax dental veneers, and this price may vary from patient to patient. Empress-Emax veneer prices may vary according to the number of teeth to be covered, the patient's wishes, whether different treatment applications are needed, and the quality of the material used. Compared to other veneer methods, they can be more expensive because they are similar to natural teeth, are more durable, and have good light transmittance.

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