What is All-On-Six Implant Treatment in Turkey?

All-on-Six implant treatment is an implant dental treatment method in which fixed prostheses are placed on six implants applied at different angles to the lower and upper jaws for the restructuring of the mouth, usually in severe tooth loss in one or both jaws or in completely edentulous patients. In the All-on-6 dental implant procedure, six titanium implants are integrated into the jawbone and evenly distributed over the entire jaw. A bridge made with ceramic or porcelain fixed teeth is attached to the six implants placed in the jawbone, and the process is completed.


Patients can change the appearance of all their teeth with six natural-looking implants. Biting and chewing function increases for the eating and drinking function of teeth supported by implant treatment. With this planning, problems with chewing disappear. With the All on six implant treatment, the teeth become more compatible with the lower face. This treatment is the best solution for patients with low bone density. With all on six dental implant treatments, the patient gains an aesthetic holywood smile and a comfortable speaking opportunity. All sixteen dental implant treatment, which has been applied by dentists for more than ten years, is still among the most preferred treatments.

Wich Patients are Applied to The All-on-6 Implant Technique in Antalya, Turkey?

All on 6 dental implant treatment methods in Antalya, Turkey:

  • If the patient has completely lost a tooth (complete arch deficiency),
  • If it is decided that all teeth will be extracted optionally,
  • If there is severe tooth loss in the mouth, although not completely,
  • If full-mouth dental implant treatment cannot be applied due to the low density of the patient's jawbone,
  • If patients do not want to spend a long time getting new teeth
  • If there is a need for durable, long-term, and cost-effective treatment,
  • It can be applied if the patient does not want to use a full denture (denture) or cannot use it for other reasons and wants to have aesthetic and functional teeth.

How is All on Six Treatment Done in Turkey?

The procedure in all on 6 dental implant treatments consists of the stages we have explained below. These procedural steps are:

Stage 1: Placement of 6 implants in the jawbone

The initial step of the All-on-6 implant treatment application is to ensure bone integration by making surface treatment to facilitate the fixation and finally to check whether there is a need for bone grafts so that the implants can stand firmly in the places where they are fixed.

The patient's measurements are made with Cad cam technology. Mold measurements taken in this way give exact results. The measurements taken are sent to the laboratory for application.

The patient can be shown images of what kind of teeth he will have as a result of the treatment. Local anesthesia or intravenous sedation is applied to the person who will have dental implant treatment. If a tooth needs to be extracted by the dentist, tooth extraction is performed.

The specialist dentist may use x-rays to detect the condition of the jawbone. In order to fix the prostheses with the digital surgery method, six different anchorage points must be selected, which are measured and strategically placed. Implant angles are adjusted to give the best biting and chewing function. For this, the anterior implants are placed at an angle of 90 degrees and the posterior implants at an angle of 45 degrees.

Stage 2: Fitting a temporary prosthesis

During the fusion of the implants with the jawbone, with the help of the three-dimensional image of the jawbone, in the same session in which the implants are placed in the treatment of all on six implants, a temporary prosthesis (crown or bridge) is attached to the implants in order not to leave empty spaces and to heal the gums in the best way. This solution prevents the patient from being toothless during the fusion process.

Stage 3: Fitting of permanent dentures

At the end of 3-5 months, the implants heal by fusing very harmoniously with the jawbone. After complete healing, patient-specific permanent prostheses are fixed. The patient, who undergoes All on 6 implant treatment, regains his aesthetic smiles and the ability to speak comfortably, together with the loss of function due to tooth loss.

Before All-On-6 Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey, Antalya

Although the bone density is low before All-On-6 dental implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey, there is no need for bone grafting since this treatment can be applied. Before the treatment, the patient's mouth is checked and evaluated by the dentist. If necessary, he will advise the patient about the preparations he wants to be made.

After All On Six Dental Implant Treatment in Antalya, Turkey

  • As with other dental treatments in Antalya, Turkey, nothing should be eaten or drunk for 2 hours after the treatment. The drowsiness should be expected to pass.
  • If it is necessary to apply general anesthesia to the patient, one day of rest is recommended.
  • Sensitivity may occur in the teeth due to treatment. Therefore, extremely hot or cold foods should not be consumed for a while.
  • Teeth should not be brushed, mouthwash should not be made, and severe spitting should not be done on the day of the All-on-six treatment procedure.
  • Anti-bacterial mouthwash can be used the day after all on six implant treatments.
  • As in other oral surgery operations, slight pain may be felt in the jaw area. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories (such as paracetamol) recommended by the dentist to prevent infection, as well as antibiotics can be taken. While using the prescribed drugs, their periods and dosages should be followed.
  • While the All on 6 implant treatment process continues, smoking and alcohol consumption should be suspended. Because both alcohol and smoking contribute to the formation of bacteria, they affect the success of the treatment and slow down the healing process.
  • During the recovery period after implant placement, patients should avoid consuming hard foods. Hard and crusty foods can damage the jawbone and temporary teeth.
  • Slight swelling and slight bleeding may be seen in the operated part, which will pass within a few days. It is normal for the first days.
  • Oral and dental care are very important for the success and continuity of the treatment. Teeth should be brushed correctly for at least 2 minutes 2 times a day. Dental floss can also be used.

If bleeding, swelling, and pain persist for a long time or if an unexpected side effect is encountered, you should consult a dentist.


Is all on 6 dental implants worth it?

Yes, it is worth getting Antalya all on 6 dental implants.

We have told you below why Antalya all on 6 is worth it.

All On Six in Turkey, Antalya: Benefits

Using dentures is very difficult, and you won't be able to eat the foods you want. Thanks to Antalya, all on 6 dental implants treatment, you can consume any food you want.

All on 4 is also very useful in Turkey, but patients state that all on 6 is more comfortable and usable because it clings more tightly to the chin.

Since All on Six is permanent, it is easier to clean and maintain, and you can use it for approximately 15-20 years when you do your routine dental care.

With All on 6 dental implants, your conversation is just like when you have natural teeth. This way, you won't lose anything from your self-confident stance.

What are The Advantages of All On Six Dental Implant Treatments in Antalya, Turkey?

  • People can use their teeth for many years without problems with all on 6 implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey. It is fixed, permanent, and well integrated into the jawbone.
  • It can be applied to patients whose general health condition is stable without any upper age limit.
  • A decrease in bone level is prevented with implants placed in the place of lost teeth in the jaw.
  • It offers an immediate treatment and recovery process.
  • In the treatment of all on six, the temporary prosthesis is placed on the implants at the same time the implants are placed. Thus, patients are not left without teeth during the recovery period.
  • Patients who have a full dental prosthesis may sometimes experience side effects such as nausea, but no such side effects are experienced in the all on six technique.
  • The problems of moving and making sounds during eating and drinking, which are encountered by patients using a total prosthesis, are not encountered in patients with all on six implant treatment. People who have all on six implant treatment eat comfortably, talk freely and laugh.
  • All on six treatment can also be applied in patients with low bone density. Does not require bone grafting.
  • The cost of all on six dental implant treatment is low.
  • Thanks to 6 implants placed in the chin area, the patient can bite and chew more strongly with the prosthesis.
  • You get a natural tooth appearance. Thus, people's self-confidence and life comfort increase.
  • A personalized treatment method is applied. Measurements are made with the help of the computer system, the teeth' final shape is shown to the patient, and any corrections are completed beforehand. The patient is pleased with this, as the patient works diligently to obtain the desired image.
  • After all on six treatment, the speech of the patient, who cannot speak comfortably due to tooth loss, improves and becomes understandable. The patient experiences the happiness of being able to talk freely. The lack of self-confidence disappears.
  • The patient is treated in a single session. Patients with all on 6 dental implant treatment will have teeth that can function as full and natural teeth. He enjoys eating and talking again.
  • It makes the person look younger. The patient gets pearly white smile.
  • It is beneficial for oral health.

What are The Disadvantages of All On Six Implant in Turkey?

  • Since the bridges applied in the all on six implant treatment are thinner than full mouth implants, the biting and chewing power during eating is lower.
  • Since implant placement and temporary prosthesis are placed on the same day in Antalya, Turkey, there is no waiting period. If the patient does not follow the recommendations of the dentist and does not show the necessary care, the implant application may not be successful.
  • Implant losses may occur if oral and dental care is not given importance.
  • Although not often, it is observed that the implants do not fuse with the jawbone and do not hold.
  • Failure of any of the implants placed in the jaw area in the treatment of all sixteen dental implants affects the entire treatment. In this case, it is necessary to start the implant treatment application again.
  • It causes some restrictions on eating and drinking habits after treatment.

Although all on six dental implant treatment has some disadvantages, it is still a method with a high rate of preference when its advantages and benefits are considered. In addition, the disadvantages listed are situations that can be overcome with a little patience.

Should It Be Done All On Four or All On Six in Turkey,Antalya?

Both implant treatment methods are similar in terms of application in Antalya, Turkey. But;

The cost of the all-on-four implant treatment method is lower than the cost of the all on six implant treatment method.

Since 6 implants are placed in the jawbone in the application of all on six dental implant treatment, the support of the prosthesis is more compared to the all-on-four treatment in which four implants are placed. Thus, chewing and biting will be better as you can apply more force while performing the eating function.

With the examination to be made by the dentist before the treatment, it will be possible to decide which implant treatment method is most suitable for you in line with your demands.

What is the Difference Between All On Six Dental Implant and Standard Implants?

One of the methods developed for patients with tooth loss is the all on six treatment in Antalya, Turkey. So what are the differences compared to other classical implant treatments? We will now address this issue.

  • While six implants are placed in the jawbone in the all on six method, eight implants are placed in the full-mouth implant application. For this reason, prostheses apply stronger pressure in full-mouth implants. This strong pressure makes it easier to chew and bite the food.
  • Classic (standard) implant treatment is completed in a total of 6-8 months under normal conditions, while all-on-six dental implant treatment is completed in 3-4 months when the recovery period is added.
  • While many sessions are performed in standard implant treatment, all on six implant treatments are completed in an average of 2 sessions.
  • In standard implant treatment, the patient may remain toothless during recovery. However, when all on six implant treatment is performed, the patient does not remain toothless because temporary prostheses are attached during the recovery period.
  • The cost of standard implant treatment is more costly than all on six implant treatment.

What are The Differences Between All-On-Four and All-On-Six in Antalya, Turkey?

People with many missing teeth in their mouth may choose all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implant procedures to have them treated. These two treatments are similar and ultimately aim at tooth restoration. In both implant treatment methods in Antalya, Turkey, the implants are surgically placed in the jawbone. All-on-4 treatment and all-on-6 dental implant treatment take approximately 2-3 hours.

Both procedures use local anesthesia or sedation. The entire fixed prosthetic arch is placed on 4 or 6 dental implants in both treatment methods. Thanks to these treatments, the process is completed without applying a single implant for each missing tooth. In addition, while a jaw bone graft is needed for individual implants, bone grafting is not needed in both all on six and all on four treatments. Since only four or six implants are placed in all-on-4 and all-on-6 implant treatments, the treatment period takes approximately three to six months, including the recovery period.

Some differences cause dentists to recommend one treatment more than the other.

  • While 6 implants are applied in the all-on-six treatment, 4 implants are applied in the all-on-four treatment.
  • Thanks to 6 implants in the treatment of all on six, biting and chewing power is evenly distributed over the entire jaw.
  • In the treatment of all on six, prostheses are stronger and more stable.
  • According to some dentists, all-on-6 treatment for dentures provides a solid foundation. In this way, the success of the treatment is long lasting.
  • Since the number of dental implants placed in the jaw is higher in the treatment of all on six implants, the jawbone becomes stronger.
  • While a half denture is applied in the all-on-4 implant treatment, it is fully integrated into the teeth without needing a partial denture in the all-on-6 treatment.

How Should The Dentist Visit be After All-On-6 Dental Implant Surgery?

Patients should have frequent dental check-ups in the first three months following the all-on-six treatment. Afterward, these controls should be done 2-3 times a year.

If any side effects or infection are encountered after the treatment, or if an unexpected situation is encountered, it is necessary to consult a dentist immediately.

Dental implants will give the patient a wonderful smile and perfect oral health with complete oral cleaning and continuous care after providing balance.



How much does all on six implant treatment cost in Antalya, Turkey?

All On Six implant treatment prices in Antalya, Turkey vary between 6000 usd and 10000 usd according to the complexity of the surgical operation, the brand and quality of the materials to be used, whether additional treatment such as sinus lifting or gingival surgery is needed, the experience of the dentist and the technician who will prepare the prosthetic teeth, the price policy they apply and the location of the clinic. The most important factor that increases the cost of the All-on-6 procedure is the price of the titanium implant. All On 6 implant tooth prices can only be determined approximately as a result of the preliminary examination to be made by the specialist dentist.

How long does all on six dental implant treatment take in Antalya, Turkey?

All On Six dental implant treatment takes 2 hours for the lower jaw and 2 hours for the upper jaw on average in Antalya, Turkey. The patient survives the healing process without being toothless, as temporary prostheses are attached, and she continues her daily life without losing her happy smile. It takes three months for the implants placed in the jawbone to adapt and fuse with the jaw. When healing occurs after three months, an additional 2-hour session is required to attach the permanent prosthesis to the implant. Zirconia crowns and porcelain veneers with all on 6 enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

Is there pain while inserting the all-on-six dental implant screw? Is all on 6 treatment painful in Antalya, Turkey?

No, all on 6 treatment is not painful. During All On 6 dental implant treatment, local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel pain. Therefore, the patient does not feel pain and pain during the surgical operation. However, mild pain may occur after treatment. Painkillers recommended by the dentist can be used for these pains.

How to clean all on six dental implants?

After the patient has all on six dental implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey, he should give great importance to oral and dental health. Dental implants must be cleaned and maintained regularly and correctly because oral-dental care and cleaning that is not done correctly and in an orderly manner can cause implant loss. Brushing teeth for two minutes at least twice a day, using an antibacterial mouthwash, using dental floss, and an interface brush will extend the life of the all on six treatment. It is also important to avoid the use of cigarettes and acidic beverages for the longevity of the implants.

Will there be odor after all on six treatment?

No, there won't be odor after all on six treatment. The absence of adverse conditions such as bad breath in people after All On Six treatment is related to the quality of the material used, and the expertise and experience of the physician. In the applications made by specialist dentists, quality materials are used, and if the doctor's recommendations are paid attention to by the patient, there is no bad breath problem.

How long does all on six last?

All on six can last 20 years or more with proper care. In the treatment of all on six and all on 4 dental implants, the patient can use their implants for many years without any problems if they follow the physician's recommendations, perform oral care completely and correctly, and go to regular check-ups. Patients need to have dental check-ups 2-3 times a year. Regular and correct oral and dental care prolongs the life of all on six implant teeth.

Who is not suitable for all on six treatment?

  • Those who have excessive smoking habits
  • Osteoporosis patients using bisphosphonate group drugs
  • People who have had cortisone treatment and are still on treatment
  • Pregnant women
  • Alcohol and drug addicts
  • Those who receive radiotherapy treatment in the head and neck
  • Individuals with certain connective tissue diseases
  • Those with uncontrolled diabetes
  • Patients with irregular heart disease
  • People with uncontrollable high blood pressure
  • Those who have blood clotting problems

If, as a result of the examination performed by the dentist, it is revealed that there will be no adverse effects due to the treatment, the patients can start the all on six treatment.

How should the nutrition be after all on six implant treatment?

 It is very important to follow the diet recommended by the dentist after all on six implant treatment. The points to be considered in nutrition can be stated as follows:

  • Within 1-15 days after the treatment, liquid and pureed foods can be consumed, provided that they are not excessively hot or cold.
  • Soft and medium temperature foods such as pasta, rice, fish, eggs, vegetables (finely chopped) can be consumed within 15-30 days.
  • In the 30-60 day period, meat that is not tough, well-cooked vegetables, oven dishes may be suitable for you.
  • After 2 months, it is possible to switch to a diet-free eating pattern with moderate chewing by paying attention to hard foods.
  • In order to return to a full diet-free life, it is necessary to wait an average of 3-6 months after the implants are placed.