All On Four Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants is an important and decisive factor in people's quality of dental and oral health. Many situations such as nutrition, speech, expression of emotions, self-confidence, aesthetic appearance are directly related to personal oral and dental health.


In this context, many different dental treatment methods such as dental prostheses Turkey, dental veneers Turkey and dental implants Turkey have been developed, which will meet both health and aesthetic demands, based on the needs and satisfaction of the patient. One of these methods is dental implants Antalya treatment, which is developed for patients who have partially or completely lost their natural teeth in their mouths.

The most important difference that distinguishes the dental implants from other prosthetic treatments is that the dental implant screws are fixed directly to the jawbone and it is a permanent treatment method. One of the types of dental implants treatment is all on four. It is an dental implant (quadruple implant treatment) treatment application. It is a type of dental implant treatment applied in cases where the normal dental implant Antalya cannot be performed due to reasons such as insufficiency of the jawbone and the need for advanced surgical operation. In this article, what is All on Four?, What are the Benefits of All on Four?, How much do all on four dental implants cost in Turkey? What are All on Four Implant Prices?

We will seek answers to many questions such as:

What Is All On Four Dental implants?

All On Four Dental implants is an extremely comfortable and comfortable procedure developed to solve the problem of missing teeth in the mouth of patients who have partially or completely lost their natural teeth.


Loss of natural teeth for different reasons, especially the loss of all teeth, causes partial loss of the jawbone over time and tissue reduction in terms of height and width. This situation causes sagging of the maxillary sinus cavities due to the decrease in the distance between the nerve canal passing through the lower jaw after bone loss in the lower jaw molar region and loss of upper jaw bone tissue, and normal dental implants Antalya treatment isn't applied to these areas.

In order to apply all on 4 Antalya treatment in these areas, improvements and corrections in the jawbone tissue (such as bone transfer, raising the maxillary sinuses) with advanced surgical treatment methods are required. This means about a year time and high cost.

All-on-four dental implants in Turkey results are obtained both easier and in a shorter time. All on four dental implants Antalya technique comes into play. In this technique, 4 implants are placed, 2 in the posterior part and 2 in the anterior part, of both the lower and upper jawbone of the patient who has lost all his teeth. While the all on 4 implants placed in the posterior section are placed inclined at 30-45 degrees angles, the implants placed in the anterior section are placed vertically at an angle of 90 degrees. Temporary fixed dental prostheses are attached to these implants on the one day. After the all on 4 implants are sufficiently integrated with the jawbone within 3-5 months, temporary fixed dental prostheses are removed and permanent fixed dental prostheses are attached.

Thanks to the All on four implants technique, patients who have lost too much bone tissue in the molar area have the opportunity to use fixed teeth without experiencing the difficulties of long and troublesome surgical procedures. At the same time, the patient does not remain toothless during the treatment process, as in other dental implant treatments, and by placing a temporary dental prosthesis on the implants placed on the same day, the patient is prevented from being toothless. The all on four techniques, which has been applied for many years, is a treatment method whose success has been proven in every respect as a result of the results obtained and scientific studies.

Are all on 4 dental implants worth it?

Yes, it is worth getting all on 4 dental implants in Antalya. To talk about why it is worth getting all on four dental implants in Antalya Turkey.

All On Four in Turkey, Antalya: Benefits

Using a dentures is classic and not useful in today's world. First of all, you can't eat the foods you want, especially hard foods. Thanks to Antalya all on 6 dental implants treatments, you can consume whatever food you want. All on 4 Turkey  is also very useful. If your bone density is sufficient, your dental implants will fuse to your jawbone in a short time. You will be able to use it like your natural teeth. Since all on four is permanent, it is easier to clean and maintain, and you can use it for approximately 15-20 years when you do your routine dental care. You will be comfortable when communicating with All on 4 dental implants. This way, you won't lose anything from your self-confident stance.

What are the Advantages of All On Four implants Treatment in Antalya, Turkey?

All on four implants treatment method in Antalya, Turkey has many advantages compared to other implant applications. These;

  • On the same day all on 4 dental implants, without the need to apply advanced surgical treatments to the patients, a single surgical procedure is performed, both the placement of the implant in the jawbone and the placement of a temporary fixed prosthesis on the implant. Thus, patients return to their normal lives in one day with new temporary fixed dental prostheses. Patients who start the day with a removable prosthesis get their fixed prosthesis at the end of the treatment at the end of the day. Thus, they perform functions such as chewing, speaking and drinking, as well as having a natural and youthful smile in terms of aesthetics.
  • One of the important advantages of all on four implants treatment in Turkey is the duration. All on 4 implants gains an advantage over other ( full mouth dental implant Turkey, all on 6 dental implants Turkey) implant applications due to the shorter treatment period and rapid recovery.
  • Since there are no advanced surgical applications in Antalya, Turkey such as bone reinforcement and sinus augmentation All on four implants application in Turkey, surgical operations are less and easier.
  • Since there is no pressure on the wounds formed during the all on four Turkey treatment process, there is less pain and pain.
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  • All on four implants treatment in Turkey is less costly and cheaper than normal implant treatment because fewer dental implants are used and no extra surgical procedures are required.
  • In cases where normal dental implants treatment isn't performed due to the loss of bone tissue in the posterior jawbone, all on 4 implants placed in the anterior jawbone provide the patient with the opportunity to use an aesthetic and fixed prosthesis.
  • All on four implants application in Turkey is very suitable for patients coming from out of town and abroad, due to the short treatment time and the low number of sessions.
  • In all on four implants treatment in Turkey, the care of the implanted dentures is much easier.
  • All on four implants treatment in Dental Clinic Turkey is also very suitable for patients who experience nausea due to removable prostheses.
  • The prostheses fitted in the All on 4 implants treatment are different from the palatal prostheses. Since these prostheses do not fit on the palate of the patient, they are easier to get used to and use.
  • In all on four implants treatment, an aesthetic holywood smile design is also provided with customizable fixed prostheses.
  • In the All on four treatments, since the dentures are fixed, it does not cause problems such as burning, stinging, hitting caused by removable dentures in the mouth.
  • After all on four treatment, patients' control examinations and treatment processes are much more comfortable.
  • Thanks to the implants placed in the posterior jawbone at certain angles in the All on four dental implants treatment, the anatomical structure is not damaged.
  • There is no need for bone grafting in all on four implants treatment.
  • With all on four implants treatment in Turkey, tissue losses that may occur in the jaw bones are prevented.
  • In all on four implants treatment, the patient does not have a problem such as putting or removing prosthesis.
  • The success rate of all on four implants treatment is extremely high.

How is All on Four implants Treatment Done in Antalya, Turkey?

All on four implants treatment that in Turkey application stages are listed as follows:


First, a clinical examination with the dentist is carried out. Here, the necessary examination of the person is made and it is evaluated whether he is suitable for this treatment. The patient's request and requests are taken. Then the radiological examination process is started. In this context, the patient's computerized tomography is taken. In this way, the bone density in the area where the implant will be applied is seen. When necessary, panoramic x-ray or 3D chin tomography is taken to determine the placement points of the all on 4 dental implants.

After the radiological and clinical examination procedures, the necessary design and planning are made, and the measurements of the lower and upper jaws are taken. According to this measurement, temporary prostheses are prepared.

After the necessary all on four Antalya examination and measurement procedures are completed, surgical procedures are started. First of all, the area to be treated is anesthetized with local sedation. If you do not want local sedation, general sedation is applied. In this context, previously broken tooth roots and decayed teeth in the patient's mouth are extracted.

Two implants in the front are placed at a right angle of 90 degrees, and the other two implants in the back are placed in the jawbone at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. After the all on 4 implants are placed, the sutures are removed and the mouth is cleaned.

It is waited for the wounds to heal. After 1 week, the stitches in the mouth are removed. At this stage, temporary dental prostheses are placed so that the patient does not become toothless.

After about 3-4 months, after the all on four implants are well fused to the jawbone, temporary prostheses are removed and permanent dental prostheses are attached.

Who is Applied to All on Four Dental implants Treatment in Antalya, Turkey Dental Clinic?

All on four dental implants treatment is applied to patients who do not have any health problems that prevent all on 4 dental implants Turkey treatment, have bone tissue at the desired level, and have no teeth in Antalya, Turkey. In addition, all on four implants treatment is applied in cases where a significant part of the teeth have been lost and the remaining ones must be extracted. It is recommended as the most appropriate treatment method, especially for patients with bone loss in the posterior part of the lower and upper jaw, where normal dental implant treatment isn't applied.

One of the biggest advantages of the All on four method is that a temporary prosthetic tooth is attached on the same day and the patient does not remain toothless. This treatment method is very suitable for people who may have problems in case of edentulism due to various reasons (work, health, social relations, etc.) and have to have implants.

What 10 things to expect after all-on four surgery?

Situations that may occur after the All-on-four surgery and the situations that patients should pay attention to is listed as follows:

  1. In the first few days after the All on Four dental implants treatment, patients may experience some discomfort such as swelling, pain, aches and pains. In this case, the drugs prescribed to you by your doctor is used.
  2. Since the first months after the All-on-four treatment is the fusion period of the bone and dental implant Antalya, it is necessary to be fed with very soft foods during this period. Thus, the pressure that may occur on the implants is reduced, and a better bonding of the implant to the bone is ensured.
  3. In about 3-4 months, the implant and jawbone fuse together. At the end of this period, after the temporary prostheses are removed and the permanent prostheses are put in place, it is now possible to start feeding with harder foods.
  4. After the all on 4 dental implants turkey in dental clinic Antalya Turkey, a soft and sterile tampon is applied to the implant area to stop the bleeding.
  5. In the first 24 hours after the All-on-four treatment, blood in the saliva is a normal condition. During this time, you shouldn't spit or rinse your mouth.
  6. After the all on 4 dental implants treatment, nothing should be eaten or drunk for 2 hours, as the anesthetic effect has not passed yet. During the first 24 hours, extremely hot and cold foods should be avoided.
  7. Tooth brushing and mouthwash are not performed in the first 24 hours after the All-on-four treatment. After the first 24 hours, gargle is done 2 times a day.
  8. After all on 4 dental implants treatment, smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided in the first 24 hours. If possible, they should not be used at all during the recovery period.
  9. 6-7 days after the all-on-four treatment, the dentist in Turkey is visited and the stitches are removed. If the stitches are self-melting, there is no need to go to the dentist.
  10. After all on 4 dental implants Antalya treatment, in case of a serious problem with the implants, you should go to the dentist immediately without waiting.

How to Clean All on Four Dental Implants?

After all on four dental implants treatment in Antalya, Turkey, personal oral and dental care is extremely important. It is absolutely necessary to carry out daily personal oral cleaning and dental care. In this context, teeth and dentures should be brushed twice a day. Prostheses can be maintained by using special materials produced for the cleaning and hygiene of the dentures. Dental floss should be used and oral hygiene should be provided by mouthwash.

Although the prosthetic teeth used in All on four implants treatment are made of solid materials, there are cases of breakage and cracking like normal teeth. For this reason, care should be taken not to break and chew very hard foods (shelled peanuts, hazelnuts, etc.) with the prosthesis.

Routine dental check-ups should be done every 6 months after all on four implants treatment.

After all on four implants treatment, the drugs given to the patient by the dentist should be used regularly and without interruption.


How much are all on four dental implants in Antalya, Turkey?

Average all on four dental implants Turkey prices are between 4000 usd and 6000 usd. But It is not possible to talk about an average price for all on four dental implants treatment in Antalya, Turkey. Because before all on 4 dental implants treatment, extra dental treatment applications (tooth extraction, bone formation, etc.) may be performed. This situation causes all on four dental implants Turkey price differences. Again, the quality of the material used in the treatment is an important factor in the price change of all on four implants. However, the small number of implants used makes this treatment method more economical than traditional dental implant applications. You can contact our clinic for more detailed information about the price of all on 4 dental implants.

Is it more affordable to get all on 4 Dental implants in Turkey?

Dental implants treatments such as all-on-4 and all on 6 dental implants can be costly in certain countries; however, Turkey has quickly emerged as an affordable destination for dental treatments including implants. With many clinics and dentists using advanced technologies and techniques in their work, Turkish dentistry boasts an outstanding reputation of high-quality services with patients from around the globe flocking to Turkey in search of more cost-effective dental implant procedures such as all-on-4, all on 6, holywood smile design, and zirconia crown at more reasonable costs; though prices will depend on each case chosen as well as dental clinic or dentist chosen.

Is All On Four Dental Implant Treatment Painful in Antalya, Turkey?

Since All on 4 dental implants treatment is performed under local sedation in Antalya, Turkey, it is not possible to feel any pain or ache. For patients with dental fear, all on 4 dental implants turkey treatment can be performed by applying general anesthesia. After the anesthetic effect wears off, mild pain and ache may be felt. For these cases, painkillers given by your dentist are used to ensure that the patient does not feel pain and ache.

Are All On Four Dental Implants Safe? Is Turkey a good place for All on Four Dental implants?

All on four dental implants treatment is a safe treatment method that has been successfully applied for many years. Both the success of the applications over the years and the scientific studies show that all on 4 implants in Antalya, Turkey treatment is an extremely reliable application.

How long do all on four implants last?

Prostheses fitted as a result of All-on-four implants Antalya in Turkey treatment is used for 20 years or more if the patient performs personal oral and dental care practices regularly.