How much are zirconia crowns in Turkey?

The cost of zirconia crowns in Turkey varies between $170 - $270 per teeth.When considering zirconium crowns in Turkey, one of the first questions on your mind may be about cost. Zirconia crowns are known for their durability and aesthetic appeal; Turkey has become increasingly popular as a dental tourism destination offering competitive pricing without compromising quality.

the cost of zirconia crown in Turkey

Zirconia crowns have grown increasingly popular due to their natural aesthetics, durability and biocompatibility. Turkey, with its skilled dental professionals and competitive prices, has emerged as an attractive dental tourism destination, especially for zirconia crown procedures.

Zirconium crowns Turkey package

Zirconium crown Turkey packages consist of dental crown treatment, holiday, accommodation, transport and aftercare. Zirconium crown Turkey package costs range from $2,000 to $10,000depending on denal clinic, hotels, dentist.

Dental clinics in Turkey often offer comprehensive packages for zirconium crowns, covering not only the costs associated with this procedure but also accommodation, transportation and aftercare services - this ensures an easy experience for international patients seeking dental treatments in Turkey.

Zirconium crowns price UK

Price of a single zirconia crown in the UK typically ranges between £550 and £900.Turkey therefore presents an alternative, much more affordable treatment solution for this process.

Affordable dental procedures combined with expert Turkish dentists make zirconium crowns in Turkey an attractive option for individuals seeking quality dentistry at an economical price point.

How much is a full set of zirconia crowns in Turkey?

The cost of a full set of zirconia crowns(20 teeth) in Turkey varies between $3,500 and $4,800. Turkey provides cost-effective options when it comes to a full set of zirconia crowns, with prices depending on factors like the number of crowns needed, complexity of procedures performed, and dental clinic. Experienced dentists should be consulted for personalized quotes.

Factors affecting zirconium crown prices in Turkey

Zirconia crown costs in Turkey can depend on several factors, including:


Prices can differ between cities and clinics.

Clinic reputation and experience

Experienced and well-known clinics may charge higher prices.

Material and technology used

Zirconia materials (pre-shaded or monolithic) and technologies used (CAD/CAM) can have an effect on costs.

Number of crowns required

An entire set of crowns will, unsurprisingly, cost more than purchasing single crowns individually.


Turkish competition among dental clinics leads to lower prices.

Lower labor costs

Labor costs in Turkey tend to be significantly lower than in Western nations.

Government subsidies

Turkish government provides some financial support for the dental sector.

Are zirconia crowns worth it?

Yes, zirconia crowns are worth it. Because, Zirconium crowns offer many advantages, including:


They closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth.


With proper care they should last many years before needing replacement.


They are generally well tolerated by the body and rarely cause allergic reactions.


They can withstand strong biting forces.

As they offer numerous advantages at a relatively lower cost in Turkey, zirconia crowns may make for an appealing and functional dental restoration option.

Why are crowns so cheap in Turkey?

Turkey dental treatments are increasingly affordable due to low operating costs, favorable exchange rates, and intense competition among dental clinics. While prices may seem more affordable, many still maintain high standards of quality care making Turkey an appealing destination for dental tourism.

As mentioned earlier, several factors contribute to the lower cost of dental crowns in Turkey, including lower labor costs, government subsidies, and high competition.

Is it worth getting crowns in Turkey?

Yes, it is worth getting dental crowns in Turkey. Turkey can be an excellent choice for dental treatments, provided you conduct extensive research and select a reputable clinic. Many patients have had positive experiences during dental procedures in Turkey, praising both the dentists' skill and overall quality of care as outstanding factors.

How long do zirconia crowns last Turkey?

Zirconium crowns last 10 to 30 years. Zirconia crowns are known for their longevity. With proper care and regular dental check-ups, these crowns can last for many years. Dentists in Turkeytypically provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the longevity of the crowns.

Can I eat normally with a zirconia crown?

Yes, you can eat normally with a zirconia crown. Zirconia crowns offer several distinct advantages when it comes to eating habits. Being strong and durable, these crowns allow patients to enjoy all kinds of food without restrictions or limitations.

What is the success rate of zirconia crowns?

The success rate of zirconia crowns are between 95% and 100%. Zirconia crowns have an excellent success rate when installed by experienced and qualified dental professionals, and their success also depends on factors like proper oral hygiene practices, regular check-ups and adhering to post-procedure care instructions.